UX Design Work by Suchet UX Design Work by Suchet

UX Design by Suchet Featured

Suchet has strong UX Design skills which he has used on many of his own interactive and digital design projects, however these have been projects where he has been involved in the entire design process - However it was when The NHS hired Suchet that they used his skills in UX Design solely for their website development team...

UX Design plans for a website built by the NHSIQs development team in Scotland - The UX plans were created by Suchet in Coventry and these were sometimes drawn up in meetings with directors and staff during lengthy discussions about the details they wanted for the website.

There were many UX plans created by Suchet for The NHS which were all used by their development team in Scotland

UX Plans for Vegetarian Restaurants Spain created by Suchet Budon

The User Journey Plan created by Suchet Budon and sent to Sten Nordland during the creation process of the Sten Nordland website and Amazon pages

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