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CODENAME VASQUEZ post-production and games production during winter months - Filming to start again very soon...

Elizabeth about to save Richard in the movie Codename Vasquez written and directed by Suchet Budon We've taken a break from filming since Autumn but filming is to start very soon - I have been busy with post production work on the Elizabeth and Richard scenes, aswell as working on the 2 JRPG games of CODENAME VASQUEZ entitled DAWN OF ENZO (A prequel to the movie) for WINDOWS which focuses on events leading upto the movie and also SHEPHARD OF FIRE (A sequel set 25 years after the movie) for IOS focusing on the teenage kids of the survivors from the movie.

CODENAME VASQUEZ PC game - DAWN OF ENZO - Coming soon...The games will take a top-down view with a style remeniscent of the 1990s Super Nintendo genre of JRPGs and they will be a lot of fun to play - No spoilers to the movie are in there, in fact there will be clues in the movie on how to complete some of the game tasks.

Sophie Caner pictured above is giving a stunning performance as Elizabeth in the movie and we will start filming mountain stunt scenes with her and Richard  (Jason Newbold) who is also excellent in his role.

There are a lot of visual effects in the movie, so I have some time to work and plan those too.  The mountain scenes for example are going to use a lot of composite effects.

You can find out about the movie CODENAME VASQUEZ  at the website I have created for it.

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