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Character Animation and Design Test

Here are a couple of 3D character design tests Suchet did for Maria the heroine of the untitled survival game Suchet is creating.

 the 1st character test we did was very rigid in it's movements and not very feminine or like the character, it did however show that the design and costume of the character worked.

The second test I did is below with a few improvements to the animation...


The third test is below - this is the latest one Ive done and is an improvement in animation over the last one - Maria is now starting to look a bit more feminine in her walk cycle but there is still more work to do to fix her...


Suchet is no stranger to 3D Design and Animation (He has a BA Honours Degree in Animation and has studied Game Design Theory aswell), however walk cycles and character movements in games can be hit and miss and is something that is very important for mood and atmosphere in a game.  This character will be further improved. 


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