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Suchet’s creative work and design history goes back to the 1990s upon leaving school he studied Engineering, Business Administration and Art at college for 2 years. Following that he worked at a number of engineering companies. In 1995 he decided to go to an audition and enrol at Drama School.

1995 to 1997 Shelly Performing Arts Campus.

Shelly Performing Arts Campus where Suchet studied Drama and performing ArtsHere, (the normally shy.) Suchet massively improved his communication skills; he performed on stage and in front of the camera. His studies also incorporated character design and stage design, he also did many storyboards for short movies and stage shows, this was a passion of Suchet; he would enjoy storyboarding and it’s a skill that he would keep with him and improve over the years.

Suchet’s dramatic arts skills were taught to him by Peter Cann, John Hall, Howard Shaw and Jeremy Longmore. Suchet loved working on set and costume design as-well as lighting, he performed in Peter Cann’s Japanese inspired theatrical show of the Gods ‘DANCER ON THE BRIDGE OF HEAVEN’ and in William Shakespeare’s THE TEMPEST as-well as many other plays and short movies produced and created by him and other students.

Suchet filming BBC DJ SonnyJi in 2010... events and sets included WOMAD 2007, BESTIVAL 2009, BBC ASIAN NETWORK etcHere Suchet also developed a love of writing for the stage and screen and he was given a lot of pointers and techniques from his renowned lecturers who have written for the stage and screen. He began writing two screenplays, one was a romantic thriller which he would change and re-write a few times, this was sent to the late movie star Sir Christopher Lee, who was one of Suchet’s favourite actors. Mr Lee actually read drafts of Suchet’s screenplay and gave him a few hints on changes to the script through his secretary. Under the advice from John Hall and Howard Shaw, Suchet continued to further improve his screenwriting skills; Suchet joined THE WRITERS’ GUILD around this period and networked with many professionals.

Suchet also re-started making short movies at Shelly – This was another one of his passions along with photography, and he further explored this here.

Shelly Performing Arts centre is an inspiring dramatic arts learning hub, which has previously inspired famous performers who have gone onto working on stage and screen. Bollywood Movie Star Sunny Deol and British screen icon Julie Walters have studied Drama at Shelly.

1997 to 2002 generating funds for further study and further writing screenplays…

Suchet worked at British Telecom as an Absence Management Officer for for 2 years. During this time he would continue writing screenplays and attending member meetings at the Writers’ Guild in his home city. He would also begin saving funds for university.

In 1999 deciding that he needed to generate a larger amount of money and to do it faster, Suchet left British Telecom and decided to go to work at HFC BANK – He generated the money he needed in 2002 – Suchet’s interests had grown more towards screen-writing, movies, post production and visual effects – However instead of enrolling on a Film Making course, Suchet decided to enrol on the Animation course because he could further learn other elements of movie-making such as visual effects, compositing and 2D and 3D animation..

Suchet continued to work part time at HFC Bank while studying his BA Honours in Animation. enhancing his skills in 3DS MAX, After Effects, Premiere, Flash, Photoshop and Animo. He did further storyboarding, screenwriting, lots character and set Peter Cann a brilliant lecturer of performing arts that taught Suchet at Shellydesigns, he also used his performance skills and voiced and performed for movies by other students as well as his own creations.

For Suchet’s final year project – He envisioned a movie called DHYANA – He wrote the screenplay and showed the idea to one of his senior lecturers who loved the idea; However the senior lecturer said the project was too epic – It brought to question whether Suchet could complete it in one year - The locations alone consisted of the Himalayas, a Russian Volcanic Island and the border regions of India and China. As-well as many live actions sequences, many animated scenes, which included both 2D animation and 3D Animation and a complete soundtrack and cast of characters for which he would require actors.

Suchet was confident and had no doubt he could complete the project successfully. Suchet went straight to auditioning actors, drama students, however coming from a dramatic arts background himself; he preferred the idea of getting non-actors and directing them, he wanted the performances to be more natural and filmic. The idea worked as he got 3 animation students and for the lead he got someone who did have acting and performance skills and that was his brother Michael. Suchet also appears in the movie himself and voices some of the characters.

It was a huge learning experience for Suchet and in 2005 Suchet graduated as-well as walking away with an award for Best Sound on a Movie for his final year movie project ‘DHYANA’ at the Degree Show Exhibition for Animation Students.

2005 to 2010

Suchet as a result of his successful movie work, Suchet landed the cool job of being professional photographer and videographer of SonnyJi the BBC DJ. SonnyJi and Suchet also talked of making a documentary about DJ-ing which would involve scenes of SonnyJi on tour and in his studio which would also involve some story narrative and fictional creative elements which Suchet suggested and SonnyJi liked the idea.

The project gave Suchet immense skills and confidence as SonnyJi helped nurture further creative skills from Suchet – This gave Suchet lots of confidence in the projects he was working on. The filming of BBC DJ SonnyJi took Suchet to many locations and events – These included WOMAD 2007, BESTIVAL 2009 and BBC ASIAN NETWORK studios to name a few.

Karela, Tomato and Cucumber Juice Article by Suchet B for Vegetarian Restaurants SpainSuchet Continued to work part-time at HFC Bank, and also enrolled on CPS MULTIMEDIA and DESIGN PRODUCTION course at Birmingham City University, this course further enhanced existing design skills aswell as teaching some new techniques; Suchet was also still working on the SonnyJi project and working for various other clients. In 2008 Suchet was hired by the charity THE RAGDOLL FOUNDATION (The organisation is the the sister company of the famous TV studio behind Thomas the Tank Engine and is located at the same place in Stratford upon Avon) to redesign and build their website – This was Suchet’s first major client as a designer and it was a great experience again for Suchet as it led to further brand name clients with projects for Suchet to work on.

Suchet also created the VEGETARIAN RESTAURANTS SPAIN website which was a website where users can search for Vegetarian Restaurants in Spain and add their own restaurants to the database too.  VEGETARIAN RESTAURANTS SPAIN became number 1 on the targeted Google search terms.

2010 to 2015

The Last Khiladi movie poster story idea by Suchet BudonDuring this time Suchet has worked as a Content Designer for many major brands and organisations which included HALFORDS, THE CO-OPERATIVE, THE NHS, RYDER, ELECTRICAL OIL SERVICES, IDEAL FOR ALL and SANDWELL COLLEGE while also working with SonnyJi in a freelance state as a movie maker and photographer. For Electrical Oil Services Suchet redesigned their website and at Halfords he created and designed the landing pages for World Cup 2010, Tour De France 2010 and Mobil1 Oil. At the Co-operative Suchet created Flash animations and Suchet was also hired by the NHS as Graphic and UX Designer where he created huge A1 UX/UI plans for their Change Day website.

Suchet also worked in Sandwell, his place of birth, for a considerable amount of time, at Sandwell College, Suchet designed a 60 page highly graphical and important document which was required for a meeting by the Principle.

Suchet Spent a year working at Ideal for All, also based in Sandwell, Suchet designed content for their websites, working on creating new websites for clients, creating Flash animations, design for printed format, for signs and billboard type displays and creating large displays for advertising.

At Sandwell branch of Ryder Suchet spent 9 months working as a Content Manager and helping to create their new intranet website with a team of Graphic Designers in Bristol.

In late 2015 Suchet also founded his Advertising Company: ORANGE TOP SOLUTIONS.

In 2016 Suchet has begun working on his own projects as-well as still doing tasks for clients regularly. This includes a high-concept thriller which he is writing and directing called THE SENSEI.


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